Redbrock Wedding Invites

This is the front of the Invite

My Wedding Invites


As you can see this is the Front of the invite that will be sent out to the people invited to the church and reception. I have put a tear off strip to the right so that the guest can respond and send their confirmations back. The colours used tie in with the bridesmaid dresses which are of the same colour. When I am doing any form of design I like to look at the whole picture in this case my wedding and I don’t want to have any stones unturned. So with this in mind I am looking to take this style through to the Reception Menu, Place Cards, Thankyou Cards, Table Plan also looking to use the flower design on the cake.

Wedding Invite Reverse

Redbrock Evening Invite


This is the Reverse of the wedding invite which is not only there for the wedding guest but also will be sent out separately for the people just attending the evening celebration and this will be single sided. This time the tear off strip is on the left with a poem for our wedding gift. Once the invite is sent out to the guest I’m looking to put in the wedding menu so all is clear.

Redbrock Wedding Place Cards

Wedding Place Card

As you can see the Wedding Place Cards take on the same design style also using the same font style which is used throughout the Stationery Pack.


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