Yummy Text

Had to have a go at this tut love the way this works and i’m going to use this idea to create a full font set using this idea I really want to push this idea think I might even use it for my own logo for redbrock design. Always looking to push the branding into different directions. Another idea would be to use the logo in After Effects, would like to see the design come in blurred each letter and make the whole word the maybe breakup into crumbs. Just an idea but something I think would work.

Might even look to break the logo up even further to see what it looks like.


New design ideas

Well going to put some new design ideas on here today so watch this space. Got some ideas for some new websites and icon designs.


Well the first day in Redbrocks new venture. Seeing as the design work seems to have dried up well the flame is still lit but very small. Can’t wait to get home and create some new designs. It’s amazing how much you can miss an inanimate object my iMac.
Hope some design work comes in going to be sketching some general stuff. I know this is something I have to do.